I am a 28 year old creative woman who loves spending time in the pottery and jewellery studio. I live alone with my puppy called Sherlock, and I have a talent for being one of the clumsiest people you will ever meet (not every person can hit themselves in the face with the plug of a hoover!)
I also live life with more then one invisible illnesses. Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia are 2 in a long list of these, but these are the two that are so far almost unheard of, and it is living with these that I want to talk about.

I grew up spending my life behind a music stand, and although things never seemed to come easily to me I always assumed this was because I was either stupid or just not working hard enough.
It took me 7 years to finish my degree at music college, and throughout my time there, my health got steadily worse. I was battling hard with chronic pain, insomnia, digestive issues and mental health problems, along with hyper mobility, fatigue, constant palpitations and breathlessness. During this time I occasionally went to the doctors to try and get some help, but as it became clear to me that they had everything pinned onto my mental health diagnosis, I realised very quickly that nothing was going to change.

In the year after I finished my studies my health took a landslide. I developed optic neuritis which meant a very long course of high dose steroids. These drugs wreaked havoc with what was left of my health, and I have since been battling to get treatment for the conditions I now know I have.

This blog was started with the intention of initiating conversation about these illnesses. Invisible illnesses are hard for the outside world to understand, and this seems to be magnified where the medical profession are involved. The only way to break down these barriers will be to show people the invisible.

Join me in my journey, and help me raise some awareness about living on the stripy side!